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Some card readers can boot, and some card readers cannot boot. 2 from SD Card My old Asus EeePC was collecting dust since its display backlight driver chip got broken in August 2012. I want to try ubuntu, so I put it on my sd card 32 card. I created a bootable USB drive with Windows 10 installation using the Microsoft Media Creation Booting Ubuntu on the Asus Transformer Book T100. " Has anyone tried this from an SD card? I understand a USB HD will work, but I have one that I use for backup, and another older one that's USB1. Make SD/SDHC card Bootable for Windows. If you have your system on an SD card that you always leave in the slot, you might want to boot from it directly. img file (PhoenixCard source image), run "make build_sdcard" as root and it should create everything needed to generate the SD card boot files in sdcard/. ASUS Transformer Pad through airport magnetic detectors or expose it to magnetic Tap the USB or SD card icon on the bottom right corner. 1. When i try to boot from the SD card it does not see it in the bios. Once this bit has been set, the SD card is no longer required. After having put the original. Ravin2010 Posts: 1 Member. 1. I also boot a Novatech N1 netbook from an SDHC card - but my Asus EeeBox only boots from a 2GB SD card. img and storage list in framework-res. Step 1: Make a bootable micro SD card Linux is the operating system that powers the Intel® Galileo board. zip, and many more programs If you want to be able to exclusively use an external USB drive without a Micro SD Card in a Pi3 for Hass. and my computer is a dell inspiron n7110. This is perfect for installing windows on a Netbook or Tablet PC. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new In UEFI, there's no option for booting from an SD card. 1 to Windows 10 complained that their SD Cards were not being recognized. My sdcard usb drive is too outdated i got in 2005 and it only Support sc not sdhc my sd card is a class 6 32 gb sdhc. Rebooted Pi then shut down a few minutes later. My HP dx2400 desktop BIOS includes a selection "Generic - SD/MMC" which boots Mint just fine from an SD card. So set the system to boot from HD, and change the HDs order so that the SD card is higher than your HD. Select "Yes" for all dialog options that appear; this will ensure that all necessary files are moved to the proper location. 2 ON; Power up the board. if lenovo does try to create a bootable bios that can support SD cards, then "more As long as the BIOS says it can boot from the SD card slot, the answer is yes, but not all BIOS support it. It is a jungle. This is a definite drawback of the Acer compared to other manufacturers like HP and the eeePC. Insert an SD card into your card reader, or connect a USB flash drive to a USB port on your computer. You need to go into the laptop's BIOS to see if a SD card slot is listed as a bootable option. Do not overwrite any information and try to regain all your data from the SD card. I follow all the steps listed here: What brand of flash drive and SD card are you using? I'll try to boot my Windows laptop into "safe mode with networking". 2600. Most devices will automatically mount an SD card after the card is inserted into the Micro SD card slot, but if you use an Android or Galaxy phone device, you can manually mount an SD card via the settings menu. So, in order to extend the space, some users like to insert a SD card to their phones. Chances are better with USB 2 than with USB 3. I also went to create a recovery drive but the system says for me to insert a USB drive. Oh well, I assumed that this laptop doesn't support such kind of booting. 2 (Beta version). you if you want to install the ROM on your SD Card hit y (yes) and if you want your SD Card formatted. I didn't see one in my box ( bought it from the MS Store ). 1 on Asus VivoTab Smart ME400c 32Gb micro sd card to a Asus VivoTab Smart ME400c? I bought a LG Portable DVD Drive so I could use the Macrium Reflect PE- repair disk to boot to. 0. I was able to boot the SD card I’ve prepared yesterday with an external card reader connected via USB. How to Install Phoenix OS on ASUS T100TA. Jan 14, 2015 Has anybody figured out how to boot via microSD? I was able to boot from the card in a USB card reader, but same card won't boot from the SD  Windows 8 may make it difficult to get to BIOS setup because it boots very quickly by default, bypassing that option. SECTION 1 PARTITION SD CARD: Here comes Google. 1, i used the reset the pc option, then i started the diskpart from cmd in setup, cleaned the emmc which had somethibg like 4 partitions, and when i wanted to start the win8 boot from stick after restarting, there was no boot option available. 10 64-bit live image, but the Secure Boot SD card reader, Works, mounts. But if you need to have an external card reader and a SD card, it’s probably just easier to use a plain old USB thumbdrive to begin with. While there is already a version of Linux built into your board, the developer-kit version of Yocto-built Linux includes even more libraries and resources to help developers create applications in their favorite programming language. conf". In the C:\menu. 3" asks me to recover it. Requirements Just purchased a vivotab note 8 and I was under the impression that it is supposed to come with a micro sd card that holds the recovery partition. zip, Card Reader Driver 2. Boot order My dream is to have a multiboot disc utility SD card that I can leave in my new laptop (Sony Vaio Fit 13a Win 8. Asus has labelled the release as TinkerOS_Android V13. 3000. It is a simple "Asus " Debian Jessie. 2. lst file you will see a line that says: kernel /BalsaBoot/vmlinuz-2. I have not heard of a laptop with such a capability. Make sure you have plugged your SD card in and that you are connected to the internet. It is risky but in theory should work. Compaq (Deskpro, Portable, Presario,  Apr 23, 2017 Attempting to install ubuntu to an SD Card using Rufus, and boot from Does anyone have experience with cheap ASUS laptops and Ubuntu? Aug 10, 2016 You probably can boot from an SD card, but it's also likely to be more cumbersome than just using a USB device or optical disc. xda-developers Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Eee Pad Transformer Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting [Q] Boot tf101 from sd card by legend68king XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Android now boots from the microSD card. The directions on this page are mostly directed at Balsa SD cards, but you can change the configuration to boot some other Linux SD card. If the card is in the slot, you will find the option > Hard Disk Drives. The other The easiest way to dual-boot your Eee PC is to install Windows XP first. Finally, I could boot the samsung nc10 plus from the SD port in the front (the developper of the plop bootloader informed it should be ok). If your system won't boot from an SD card, it won't find Grub2 or anything else on your SD card. You can follow the steps below to run the troubleshooting and make Windows 10 to fix the SD card reader not working issue automatically. 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Since the MicroSD card controller is in the Reader and not the media it is not possible You could attempt a work around - create a VHD on the SD Card and then mount the SD card to the "C" drive using a Symbolic Link, edit the BCD Record so that Sym Link VHD is a bootable option. If yours came I plan on getting a 16GB SD card. I downloaded the tinker nightly image and burned it to an sd card, putting it into the  Bring the Image with Win32 Disk imager to the micro SD card. Ordered a Micro SD card for my Asus X205TA and having never before used one on my Windows 8. If I select Windows Boot Manager, it will boot to windows, same as Android. 1/7. I've read many sources of people stating the maximum size is 32gb or 64gb, and other threads where people have said they were able to use a 128gb card. Booting from SDHC card. 4. Windows 10 Upgrade an ASUS Laptop (32G storage) My ASUS E200H laptop is pre-installed with Win 10 but only has 32G storage with an additional 32G micro SD card. I have the same situation, when i wanted to downgrade from 10 to 8. Checking if the device is properly connected, 2. You create an SD boot drive like you I have installed ICS to an SD card on my T101MT. 2 Select the microSD card as the destination (Device) 2. 6. Oct 28, 2013 The Asus Transformer Book is a tablet/notebook device with a 10 If you prove me wrong and boot a SD card, then I would be grateful for a  Kali Linux fits on an external micro SD card or USB key. Choose the "USB Drive" option from the boot menu choices. Insert the microSD card into the microSD card holder (bottom side of the board). I'd like to be able to choose to boot into ICS on my SD card (preserving my HDD as Win7), but when I go into the BIOS to specify the boot order, the SD card is not an option. It’s incredibly easy to get into BIOS on the ZenBook 3 or other ASUS laptop. It is but one of about a zillion media card standards. To install the operating system, users just need to use a disk tool to write the Android image to a micro SD card. The card shouldn't be so prominent. Now, for a project at the university its second life seems to be come. You can use any SD card running Raspbian or Raspbian Lite to program the OTP bit. I have done it in the microSD card of my cellphone. Have a 16GB SD Card but my ASUS laptop can't see it in the SD drive it sees all the otherSD cards but not this one - Answered by a verified Laptop technician I faced the same problem today. Press "4" followed by "Enter" to start copying installation files to the SD card. If you've formatted your SD card with the computer or its brand-new, you may see nothing at all in the root level. For more details: [HOW TO] BOOT FROM SD CARD [SUCCESSFULLY] on QMobile Z8 with BRICKED/DEAD eMMC If you plan on adopting an SD card as internal storage, you’ll want to first ensure you’re using a speedy SD card. Alternatively, try another SD card to check the interface. If you are wanting to boot from SC card and run Windows 7 or 8 then you will need 16 to 32 Gb SD card. Answer "NO" since you already formatted it earlier, let the program finish running completely and it will tell you when its done. If you're able to boot from USB, then I can  I recently bought a new ASUS Tinker Board S to upgrade from my Formatted my SD card with SD Card Formatter's "overwrite format" option Is the Asus Transformer able to boot/run Linux from microSD or USB? but the root filesystem into the uSD card, so it's not completely from uSD. This guide shows you how to run a ROM off of your external SD card, which can prove to be extremely useful in the event of corrupted internal memory. Tried to reset computer reloaded windows. Insert the card into the microSD card slot at your ASUS Transformer Pad’s left side. Insert your SD card into the SD card adapter and plug it into your computer. 10 64bit has been copied onto an a SD card which I'm trying to boot from. Luckily, you can get your data back with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a tool that can help you recover pictures, videos, audio files, documents, and more from your micro SD card. February 2013 in 2013 Archives. I tried enabling the Legacy boot mode, and it brought such options as a floppy drive, CD or a USB drive, but no SD card. Go to the boot tab. Now safely remove the SD Card from the PC media reader. Am I missing something. I know that the SD card is in working order because i can boot from it on my Mac. Linux would use less space. To change boot options,  Dec 28, 2017 Since you're not seeing it, it means that SeaBIOS isn't detecting the SD card (or controller) correctly. . Download ASUS VivoBook X542UQ card reader driver for windows - Gain more stable card reader transfers and more speed with updated micro sd card reader driver, ASUS VivoBook X542UQ card reader fix, ASUS VivoBook X542UQ card reader fixes, ASUS VivoBook X542UQ micro sd card reader repair, card reader solution, ASUS X542UQ fix solutions, how to Forgot to mention pull the sd card before you install windows 10. Delete. This would be a good way to download and save more data on the device but sometimes the card would be damaged. update: I used USB splitter, now I can see in the bios an option to boot from USB, But when I select to (override) boot from USB, it just flash blue screen and comes back to the bios. If your SD card doesn’t show up in Windows 10 File System, but in Disk Management, check whether there is a drive letter for the card. 1 (reeaalll ssllooww. Is there a way to boot from sdcard? :p Thank you in advance! I want the computer to start and run off of the SD card and internal ROM and RAM only. Depending on how the SD card is connected, the location to write data to can be different. SD memory card won't read or open on my computer? This page shows you how to fix the issue step by step. io, these are the steps you’ll need to make it happen. Press a key when indicated to boot from the SD card in the adapter. Booting from an SD Card. Booting Android from an SD card has become somewhat of a trend in recent weeks. My 'morning laptop' is booted & run from an 8GB SDHC card with AntiX on it, (it's a Toshiba Satellite). In this guide, we will show you how to create bootable Micro SD memory card and use it as the bootable media to install Windows 10/8. Windows 10 - How to boot the system from USB drive/CD-ROM? *The Windows Operating System that supports Intel CoffeeLake and later processors is limited to Windows 10. If you are using netbook then BIOS most likely will support booting from USB port or local card reader. Tap the microSD Computer won't read SD card. Apr 24, 2014 Then try and see if it will boot with the card in that SD slot. Insert the MicroSD card into the adapter, and then plug the SD card adapter into the computer. The ReadyBoost settings dialog will open when you select this. Ian Morrison (Linuxium) has now provided a instructions to boot Linux or Android from a (micro) SD Card in Rockchip RK3288 based devices, leveraging work from linux-rockchip community, and especially naobsd. Press <F2> after powering on to see the BIOS. Safely remove the microSD card with the new bootable image, then insert into the microSD card slot on the Tinker Board. It’s a release of Android 6. To enable the USB boot bit, the Raspberry Pi 3 needs to be booted from an SD card with a config option to enable USB boot mode. A alguien más le pasa esto? You need to go into the laptop's BIOS to see if a SD card slot is listed as a bootable option. Now boot it up! How do I EFI boot Zenbook Prime UX31A from built-in card reader? Ubuntu Live 12. When they insert the SD card in the proper slot, the machine So that new SD card you bought to expand the storage on your Android device isn’t working? Here’s a comprehensive guide to fixing phone not detecting SD card issue right now. 10. 1 running on kernel 3. If you are booting from Desktop then BIOS may not support booting from USB port. It also will boot from an USB flash drive. The laptop i am looking at is an HP Pavilion g series laptop. Power off the device. It booted perfectly from the USB drive, so I installed it to my SD card…and couldn’t get it to boot from there. My IBM ThinkPad laptop doesn't have an SD card slot, so I boot it from a USB flash drive. Insert the SD Card back into your tablet and turn it on. 1/7 from the same. Please help me. There is no shortcut if you want to test the SD card not recognized or working on Windows 10. 1 system, I was unsure whether it was Windows 10 creating a problem or my notebook. Change the boot mode configuration to boot from the microSD card. Usb and sd card reader stopped working. Throughout this document ${card} refers to the SD card and ${p} to the partition if any. The only device in the list is the internal SDD drive. asus t100 boot from memory card, asus t100 boot from sd, asus tp200 boot from sd card, asus tp200sa sd card, asus transformer pad boot sd card, boot de sdcard asus t100, boot from t100 sd card slot, boot t100 micro sd, fitting micro sd card to an asus t200 advice please, how to boot asus me400c from sd card, sd card boot on asus, sd card is not Here's how to create a bootable Windows SD card or USB flash drive. Pointed all the exclamation in devise manager to the unzipped folder on the sd card and upgraded drivers. Installed Raspbian1 Lite (2017-04-10) on a MicroSD card and followed the instructions here3 to enable USB boot mode. Feb 27, 2017 My ASUS Chromebook C300 13. Is it possible to access the microSD card on an Asus Transformer or is there some way to mount this so it is accessible remotely? When connected via USB to a PC the SD card in the keyboard dock is available but the microSD card in the main tablet is not. I would like to install a second OS on an SDHC card and use it for some occasions. 3 Click "Write" 3. Creating SD Card . Use Windows 10 Troubleshooting to Fix SD Card Reader Not Working Issue. The card has to be in the slot at startup. But a simple restart fixed it. To remove the microSD card 1. Developer sites such as NookDevs, XDA-Developers and Android Central provide these images I can't get the sd card to boot from the internal, although as I understand it the Asus EEE and the Dell Mini can. 28-19-generic root=LABEL=BalsaRoot There’s already a method to boot Android from an SD Card on RK3188 devices, which should work with all Rockchip RK3188 devices. ASUS X555LA F555LA X555LD USB Port Audio SD Card Reader Board X555LD_IO REV:2. sd card reader driver for asus free download - Darko SD Card Reader, Card Reader Driver 5. When I power on my Zenbook and press ESC for the boot menu, the SD card isn't listed as an option. Biostar. Windows will automatically see if your flash memory is ReadyBoost capable, and if so, you can directly choose to speed up your computer with ReadyBoost. If you just copy it onto a small FAT partition on a SD card and your system supports booting from SD card it will work fine. 1/7 bootable Micro SD card and then install Windows 10/8. Chaintech. Boot Android from SD Card on the Samsung Wave. Got kinda scary when the video driver updated. You may now use this card as a bootable SD card. 1/Ubuntu 13. And some card readers can boot only some computers, and other readers can boot only some other computers. If you have lost your important data while making the SDHC card bootable. apk on Android 5 and older. To enable booting from SD, unfortunately you'll need to update your bootloader,  Apr 2, 2017 Tags: Asus boot linux Ubuntu UEFI Both can boot the Ubuntu 16. In most cases, it’s been on devices that don’t run Android as a Many users after upgrading their experience from Windows 8. Downloaded all my favorite programs. Tap the folder  Oct 13, 2016 Recovering ASUS Fonepad 7 (K012 / FE170CG) from boot loop error With the SD card plugged in press Volume Up / Volume Down to  Jan 30, 2017 Insert your SD card in your laptop, and check where it is typing `lsblk` which That's it, you can boot ArchLinux on the ASUS Tinker Board! Mar 13, 2018 I seem to be cursed by failing micro SD cards in recent months – the Having checked with Asus, the official release will pre-install a boot  Aug 7, 2008 Note: This tutorial is specific to the Asus Eee PC 900 with the 16GB flash SSD hard drive. Question boot You may have deleted or lost some important files from your micro SD card due to misoperations. I recently purchased an ASUS E200HA online, and after doing research, I couldn't find a definitive answer for the maximum capacity of the netbook. Try it to rescue your data whenever your computer cannot read SD card. These include: 1. What is BIOS and why would I want to use it? For those unfamiliar, BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System. I set the BIOS boot order to have the computer boot from the SD card, but it then wants me to install the Therefore, you should be able to create a bootable SD card if you treat that external SD card reader as if it were a USB thumbdrive. ASUS X205TA-UH01-BK sd card reader and usb not working. I was not able to boot this laptop from a bootable SD card which works just fine on other laptops (HP, Samsung, Gateway). This section explains how to create the SD card necessary to boot Linux, using the SD card image available with the precompiled Linux binaries Edge Up is a resource for ASUS aficionados who want the inside scoop on new products and technologies. To do so, set the boot mode micro-switches as follows: SW3. Push the card all the way into the slot until it fits completely. Will probably have to hit Boot Android from the microSD card. Puppy Linux will boot up and launch. Check SD Card in Disk Management. Boot kernel or recovery through fastboot. is there any way to configure the t410 bios to boot up from an operating system installed on a sd card (through the built in card reader)? tried to install linux on 16gb sd card and ended needing to reconfigure the boot sector What to do when our SD card or pen drive gets corrupt? There are many ways which can help people repair a corrupt USB drive for free. booting from sd card is never heard of and is something that is really complex to do because the system has to be fully functional (meaning the OS has to be constantly running) to make the sd card being able to read. The Win 10 upgrade is demanding an additional 8G storage which I cannot do, therefore the upgrade will not download. An SD card will become “mounted” to a device when that particular device recognizes the SD card and renders it accessible for use. If the SD card is connected via a USB adapter, linux will know it for example as /dev/sdb (with /dev/sda being a Way 2. Does anybody else have this problem or is it just me? La tarjeta sobresale mucho. On the BIOS boot options, one of them is "removable device. 11. A microSD card fits only in one orientation, and slides smoothly into the slot if inserted correctly. Midhat In my asus laptop, the sd card shows up as a hard disk. If you want to put only apps' external data to SD card and not the whole partition, you can edit fstab in boot. 10) that doesn't have a CD drive. I have installed Ubuntu Linux on it, used it for installing Windows 7 and used it as Windows Recovery Disk. The UEFIs BIOS-looking GUI picked up # Adjustment to make micro SD card reader work options sdhci debug_quirks=0x8000 Then you will have to run mkinitcpio. You may know that you can boot from an SD card if it's in a card reader and plugged in to a USB slot, but the SD slot is not bootable as it is from the factory. This is a workaround but with that method, NO usb port is used and they can be used for an usb mouse, a card reader, an usb modem. img) and recovery to boot from sd card instead of internal memory. I have a built-in Memory card holder and when I put my SD card in my computer Solved Asus S400CA 24GB SSD used or not? How to know info you are good how long from a cold boot does it take windows to start and what is Card ASUS Xonar Apr 24, 2019 Booting from a USB/CD/DVD Drive or SD Card. SSH is active after boot and user pass is  The ASUS Tinker Board is a single board computer launched by ASUS in early 2017. Once the dd operation is complete, boot up the ASUS Chromebook Flip with the microSD/USB key  Nov 9, 2015 I tried to install cloud ready on my wife's ASUS Q200E so she would use it since the USB might be able to read the SD card to boot from it, but  I did a few armbian builds but they didnt seem to boot. But I can't figure out how to boot from my sd card from my boot menu. We go hands-on with the latest gear to see how it works in the real world and in-depth with the latest tech to explain what’s happening under the hood. Restore win 8. If you need to drag files to the root level of your SD card, this is where you'll put them. Note that any change you make to the OTP is permanent and cannot be undone. So here's what I did and it SOLVED the issue: 1. That doesn't work for me. Is it possible for SD card to be bootable? Laptop is ASUS X54HR with SD Card reader. Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 7520 laptop (1 year old). Troubleshooting is a built-in tool in Windows 10 that allows you to quickly figure out the device issues. Then, you will have to 'cd sdcard/', then run 'make DEV=/dev/sdX' (where X is the device letter of your SD card). Asus. Puppy - will try to boot/run from Micro SDcard on Asus T200 - posted in Linux & Unix: I have this one to play with, now that MS is going so snoopy on its users, no way I want to keep Windows. Following the footsteps of @lexelby at this, I created gpt (parted command) on 16GB C-10 sd card using Ubuntu virtual machine. img This will update your initramfs file and load the new configuration you made in "sdhci. Reboot the computer. Before installing, I ran ICS live from the USB iso and it worked fine (wifi, etc). You may see an option to boot from USB so that means it should be possible to clone the c: drive. To use a MicroSD card with a computer, you need an SD card adapter. Make sure you have root privileges: $ mkinitcpio -v -g /boot/initramfs-linux. Asus EeeBook X205TA / X205 review – the modern $199 laptop you may always try to put Ubuntu or Mint on SD card and try to make it boot from it with no effect on It's expected to see folders named "DCIM" and "MISC" if you've ever used the SD card in your camera before. DO NOT force the card into the slot. Press the "Boot Menu" key on the initial boot screen. ) so thinking of other options. Hence, getting the methods to fix corrupted SD card on Android is very important for the people who are using a SD card and here is a tutorial about Hello people. (btw I had to boot from a USB hard drive because there was Hi, my new laptop Asus K53SV has a card reader but the problem is that I can't find any option to boot from my SD card (with linux installed) in the BIOS. So the [Launch CSM] option is no longer in the BIOS Setup menu of Intel CoffeeLake processors. It will boot any attached device (USB, SD card, SSD whatever) as long as you load a EFI driver for the filesystem (if it isn't FAT) if that is required. The card must be in the slot for the BIOS to show this option. Save space on your internal storage by moving Windows Store apps to an external disk such as an SD card. Follow the given below instructions to prepare your Windows 10/8. How to Install Windows 10 Apps to an SD Card or USB Drive Configuring a Generic Linux SD card. The steps to make a One thing I did do is I have an external multi card reader and I hooked it up and went into the bios and it's there. I think Sony Vaio laptops can boot from a SD card. SD stands for Secure Digital. SD card (microSD) access is about twice as fast at 37MiB/s for buffered  Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ASUS VivoBook E403SA- US21 14-inch Full HD Cannot boot second OS from SD card (at least I couldn't) The is an option called SD DOWNLOAD in droidboot provision OS (recovery mode?). They say to hit escape at the splash screen and it will give you the option to boot from sd. Data restoration from SDHC on Mac is easy with some external tools. How do I restore bricked Asus MemoPad 10 with a bootable microSD-card? I can't boot in recovery mode anymore with powerbutton and volume +, cause it shows a dead android with a triangle! The only solution to recover is with a bootable microSD-card. It seems that if I put this zip file in a SD card and rename it  It doesn't have a CD drive, so I'm trying to use an SD card and an ISO i know to install XP on an asus Eee Pc is by using a Bootable USB. Let's see. HD order and boot order are seperate options in bios -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Android-x86" group. If you’re wondering how to boot into BIOS with Windows 10 on ASUS laptops, you’ve come to the right place. 0 See more like this Sim & SD Card Reader Board ASUS ZenPad Z8S ZT582KL P00J-SAME DAY SHIPPING Refurbished This makes the SD card bootable for Mac operating systems. You can safely eject your SD card. 1 OFF; SW3. Modify kernel (boot. Connect the power supply, keyboard, mouse and your monitor. Please refer to this video to boot the I found this link Booting Ubuntu on the Asus Transformer Book T100 that might help. How to boot openSuSE 12. When adopting an SD card, Android will test check its speeds and warn Micro SD card slot or Micro SD card writer (or SD-capable writer + SD to micro SD converter) Local Ethernet network, with DHCP server (will be used to provide IP address to the board). But it gets connected to the computer through USB so BIOS shows the microSD card as a USB Hard Disk. This page describes how to create a bootable SD card. If you are lucky, you can boot from an SD card with your current devices. Not all SD cards are equal, and a less expensive, slower SD card will slow down your apps and phone. Download a current Android boot image file suitable for use with an SD card, such as Nookie Honeycomb. (TinkerOS Debian). The adapter is an extra purchase, although some MicroSD cards come with such an adapter. In addition to trying to get Linux installed on the SD card, in bootable form, a major hurdle that we must overcome is that the BIOS of the Aspire One cannot be configured to boot from the SD card. Made sure windows updated and the windows store apps also. When the command window closes, the process is complete. Tomorrow I'm gonna put linux on an sd card and see if I can boot from it. I doubt if the read and write times are going to be very great but I'll try that and I think I have a cf card around here somewhere and I'll try that also. asus boot from sd card

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