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manage memory automatically. Vulkan even works on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Normally that’s hidden behind Vulkan Chronos seems to be the possible replacement for OpenGL and it looks like it is gaining popularity. Runs Direct3D 9 applications on Windows or Linux (/w Wine) over Vulkan. "DirectX 12 and Vulkan and Mantle are going to be similar in the next generation. In 2014, Microsoft announced DirectX 12, which is now included in Windows 10 and the Xbox One. And like DirectX 12 and Mantle, Vulkan is a close-to-the-metal API, which means developers can take greater advantage of the full hardware performance of the PC. . Vulkan, and this is probably the biggest “binding model” difference. How does Vulkan Runtime Libraries compare to OpenGL and DirectX? The graphics enhancement API is not a new concept. The DirectX 12 API is supported but some optional features may not be available. Vulkan vs. Unlike the OpenGL API, Microsoft’s DirectX API for Xbox and Window’s PCs is a closed system. As unpopular as Windows 10 is, it's slowly gaining speed. DXVK. Nowadays, in fact, having acquired a competitor in the form of Vulkan, things concerning the two APIs tend to get even more complicated. One of these is the ability to access the barycentric coordinates at the fragment-shader level. Vulkan is a new graphics API that provides high-efficiency, low-level access to modern GPUs in a wide variety of devices from PCs to smartphones. OGL has been viewed as second class for quite a while now by consumers Since Directx 12 is a Microsoft technology I would expect it to be needlessly complex compared to a cross platform library like Vulkan. 1. Performance issues they do not run into in OpenGL. DirectX is harmful for consumers and only serves to lock in games and users to Microsoft Windows. Veteran gamers know that Vulkan Runtime Libraries is undoubtedly not the first graphics enhancement API. Peter Bright - Mar 7, 2018 2:00 pm UTC. At 1080p, Ultra, we observed a performance disparity Supports Vulkan, OpenGL, DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 and DirectX 12. The GL extension is surprisingly widely implemented, so Vulkan-capable desktop hardware is able to do this. APIs like Vulkan and DirectX 12 make better use of multi-core CPUs to streamline code execution and eliminate software bottlenecks, particularly for draw calls. Applications using the DirectX 12 API should query for feature support before using specific hardware features. That’s the point of Vulkan: it can be added to practically any platform. It comes along bundled with Nvidia’s driver. Vulkan also uses views, but they are less frequent. Also has several options for changing relevant pipeline state, and displaying meshes with OpenGL or Vulkan style coordinates. Whereas inertia is not on Vulkan's side. 1 support is available for Windows and Linux in our general release drivers available here: Windows 07 - Negative viewport height (VK_KHR_Maintenance1 or Vulkan 1. There are not too many games out there that support Vulkan or DX12. Hi guys, I just had a clean install of Windows 10. DirectX 12 = Windows 10 support (older Windows versions NOT supported) + Xbox One X support. Like many, Vulkan has likely eluded you as the graphics API only meant to serve the industry veterans, with a limited set of educational content. hpp header for other compiler define options available as well. screen, and loading times are bad. 0 backend might be deprecated and replaced. So if you see Vulkan Runtime Libraries in your Windows PC, do not get panic or worried. And obviously, DirectX uses views to make things visible to shaders. An API (or Application Programming Interface) is a set of virtual components using which a piece of software can be built or a collection of tools that can be used to add certain capabilities to existing software. Some, experience stuttering and hitching in Vulkan. Khronos recently announced the release of the all-new Vulkan API, which will complement (and in some cases replace) OpenGL and OpenGL ES. Just extract the files and run. The Microsoft DirectX® End-User Runtime provides updates to 9. DirectX 12 (DX12) enables developers to add amazing graphics effects to Microsoft Windows-based PC games. Just feels like it makes more sense, in theory, to use a Vulkan renderer. Setting up Vulkan for UE4 is easy, but you have to make sure to do everything in the correct Vulkan is a very new API, so there may be some shortcomings in the specification itself. Futuremark is working on new game-tests for its 3DMark benchmark suite. If your computer has Nvidia graphics card installed, then the source of VulkanRT is its driver. GeForce graphics cards deliver advanced DX12 features such as ray tracing and variable rate shading, bringing games to life with ultra-realistic visual effects and faster frame rates. DirectX Pack DirectX 12 and DirectX Ray Tracing are included with windows 10 (windows 10 2018 update for DXR) to activate them you have to install a WDDM 2. I tested my code on other vendor gpus and it works except AMD where it  Apr 17, 2019 The game is powered by the Swarm Engine and since it supports both the Vulkan and DirectX 11 APIs, we've decided to put them to the test on  Feb 18, 2016 For this benchmark, we ran Vulkan vs. Mar 23, 2017 In a quick test, it does seem that Vulkan's API proves just a smidgen quicker than DirectX 12. 1 are now defined in terms of the equivalent Vulkan 1. Exposing them directly to the user would result in extremely difficult-to-use rendering APIs that very few would be able to take advantage of. Just like the new DirectX 12 being the latest graphic standard for gaming, Vulkan is the latest version of OpenGL. In-game adjustments via keyboard shortcuts. Now obviously DirectX 12 is the latest version of the DirectX API and also it’s pretty easy to tell that DirectX 12 is developed by Microsoft who also develops Windows. Microsoft responded. Because it’s cross-platform, game developers can choose Vulkan and their optimized code can run on various different platforms, rather than just Windows 10, or just OS X. DirectX 12 and Vulkan will bring asynchronous compute support to CRYENGINE, an option GCN had been designed to take advantage of. Things like shader stages remain unchanged from DX11 and OpenGL. #2 is available (in a substantially more flexible way) in the aforementioned experimental NVIDIA extension. Shader visibility behavior differs a bit between the two. The Vulkan API pushes for reduced API overhead and optimized multi-core Learn Vulkan - Successor to LearnOpenGL. 0, and Vulkan (the default, when ready). So, in simpler terms, it is just like OpenGL or DirectX which are used for gaming and better 3D performance. The key element we want to discuss is what it means to be 'low-level' and how that changes the game engine. If CRYENGINE is designed with the same concept as Neon Noir The volcano API is like the Mantle API. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Vulkan is the direct successor to OpenGL, an open-source graphics API and the only real competitor to Microsoft’s DirectX. 0-4 x DisplayPort -: Graphics Cards - Amazon. 4M draw calls per second, 32% more than DirectX 12. It has existed for some time now. Mar 22, 2017 Both Vulkan and DirectX 12 (or rather Direct3D 12) were born, in a sense, out of AMD's Mantle API, which promised to bring significantly higher  When I am using directX-11 to launch game, everygame has only 10-20 fps, but when I use vulkan to launch dota2 i have 100 fps, so whats the  Mar 19, 2018 I don't know why you're getting downvotes. It’s the successor to OpenGL, Vulkan’s first attempt at graphics optimization. No installation / drivers / administrative privileges required. Supports Vulkan, OpenGL, DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 and DirectX 12. But Vulkan is a much more complex beast, requiring  Sep 25, 2015 Current APIs OpenGL 4. It builds on the work AMD undertook with their innovative Mantle API as On February 16th 2016 the final Vulkan specifications along with the Vulkan SDK were released. Articles copied from Draft Namespace on Wikipedia could be seen on the Draft Namespace of Wikipedia and not main one. While Windows The Vulkan API is the successor to the OpenGL API and a rival to the Metal API from Apple and DirectX 12 API from Microsoft. Mar 3, 2015 While DirectX, Mantle, and now Vulkan tend to get a lot of attention due to their roles in the gaming community, Trevett is quick to draw a line  Jul 21, 2016 Alternatively, Vulkan is to OpenGL as DirectX 12 is to DirectX 11. Please refer to the Github wiki for current state and details about the project. Discussion created by This warning is based on the Valid Usage documentation for version 77 of the Vulkan header. High-precision timing (usually more accurate than the game's built-in limiter). 0c and previous versions of DirectX — the core Windows® technology that drives high-speed multimedia and games on the PC. Unlike the OpenGL API, Microsoft's DirectX API for Xbox and Window's PCs is a closed system. The Information Center’s ‘Supported DirectX* Version’ refers to the Intel Graphics Driver’s supported DirectX version. 1) Shows how to render a scene using a negative viewport height, making the Vulkan render setup more similar to other APIs like OpenGL. Structure and enumerated types defined in extensions that were promoted to core in Vulkan 1. DirectX 11 Benchmark – 1080p, Ultra. Since Directx 12 is a Microsoft technology I would expect it to be needlessly complex compared to a cross platform library like Vulkan. Vulkan was previously known as glNext or OpenGL Next Gen. OpenGL. using nvidia i´d tell you to go to nvidia control panel, create a dota preset, and disable ambien oclussion (use the dota integrated AO, if not its additive and is badfor fps) Most of us gamers have heard of Microsoft’s DirectX. The Khronos Group announced the possiblity of building a new, more "portable" graphics API that would work on top of Vulkan, Metal, and DirectX 12. Vulkan Runtime Libraries are also referred as VulkanRT. It is based on AMD’s Mantle API, and the final spec is expected later this year. Supposing you’ve gone through and finished the Vulkan tutorial, I recommend trying to implement your own renderer. What is Vulkan? To understand what Vulkan is, you first need to be familiar with the API acronym. But what should also be kept in mind is that Vulkan’s announcement essentially closes the last gaps in low-overhead API availability. Very lightweight and efficient. Vulkan vs DirectX. " Earlier this week I published some Dota 2 Vulkan vs. 0, OpenGL ES 3. OGL has been viewed as second class for quite a while now by consumers Doom benchmarks return: Vulkan vs. It’s just too big. 0, the "foundation" of Vulkan is made up of parts of Mantle. ○ New APIs (Vulkan™, DirectX  Apr 1, 2016 Microsoft's DirectX 12 and Apple's Metal are next-generation graphics platforms. 0. As many people, and not just those with older GPUs, don't get better performance out of Vulkan. They tend to overengineer things, e. Two charts are below – one for the reference GTX 980 Ti, one for the MSI R9 390X ($410). NVIDIA will also allow GLSL shaders to be loaded by Vulkan, as well as of course SPIR-V shaders. Ever heard of DirectX? It’s a Unlike OpenGL and DirectX, Vulkan is a new modern graphics PAR render, which is developed for better video performance. In order to find out the best combination of settings for a game, it is always recommended to run that game on a mediocre or medium end gaming PC. You create a resource (e. The AMD GCN Vulkan extensions allow developers to get access to some additional functionalities offered by the GCN architecture which are not currently exposed in the Vulkan API. Vulkan uses a mask to determine if a descriptor is visible to the various shader stages. 63 driver release now enables an experimental Vulkan extension that exposes NVIDIA’s RTX technology for real-time ray tracing through the Vulkan API. DirectX 12 and Vulkan allowed much gave games the ability to run over more threads, allowing the GPU to be better fed with data, and furthermore gave developers much better control over GPU resources. Vulkan was designed to perform better than other APIs, including its predecessor, OpenGL. Can anyone help me with the fact that I have Directx12, but can't choose to run the game in DirectX 12. Doing your own thing. Share tips, best practices, and success stories. Along with that, Vulkan’s thin driver with explicit GPU control trumps the layered GPU control of OpenGL, which was unable to load bugs and validation layers. optimistici generalization with a zillion parameters for something that can only be done with one single particular magic combination of parameter values. texture, constant buffer), backing memory is allocated automatically. OpenGL benchmarks with AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards under Linux. I would not expect the NVX functionality to become core Vulkan behavior anytime soon. The first attempt of Vulkan at graphics optimization was on OpenGL. [QUOTE=Alfonse Reinheart;39815] Of course, there’s also the issue of memory with Metal vs. DirectX 11 (D3D11) benchmarks in the Talos Principle to determine which API is presently 'best. Unlike DirectX 12, Vulkan can be deployed on a huge range of operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8. That doesn't mean I Play the games you want on whatever OS you want, rather than being tied to Windows. The biggest challenge in the creation of this new API is that, nowadays, low-level rendering APIs such as Vulkan, DirectX 12 or Metal are quite complex and simple mistakes can have fatal consequences. Once the Vulkan backend is well tested and proven to fulfill everything we need it to, the OpenGL ES 3. g. Not so much with Vulkan. Unlike DirectX, Vulkan does not have namespaces for resource types. What this means is that . However, what's clear is that both DX12 and  Hi Amazon Lumberyard Team,. If you play latest games, you might require VulkanRT. Welcome to Learn Vulkan, successor of learnopengl. I think that your 'Xbox is a thing' argument is actually a huge argument for Vulkan. In the following guide we'll see how they affect our  Mar 1, 2018 Why do they stick with DirectX when Vulkan is just as fast and will give them the ability to port games with little effort to Linux (and soon Jul 6, 2018 Adam has turned what he learned into a general presentation aimed at those looking to port a game engine to either Vulkan or DirectX® 12. I noticed that there is an application named "VulkanRT" on my apps list and then "Vulkan Run Time Libraries" under the Programs and Features list. Doom's Vulkan patch is a PC performance game-changer Well, think of it as the OpenGL equivalent to DirectX 12, with many of the same advantages - principally, far better utilisation of multi You can read the vulkan. And to be sure, this is consistent across multiple runs. Vulkan, not that it matters when Windows owns the market and the average consumer would stick with Microsoft regardless of how limited/inferior their products may be because they're too lazy or otherwise technologically illiterate to use something better that may require slightly more input from the user. DirectX and OpenGL. Vulkan or Vulkan Runtime Libraries, however, is developed by a third-party Khronos Group and they’ve been working in conjunction with AMD. A Vulkan-based translation layer for Direct3D 10/11 which allows running 3D applications on Linux using Wine. The low level nature of those APIs moves a  16 Abr 2019 Os treamos la comparativa de los dos motores gráficos más importantes para PC : Directx 12 vs vulkan. March 14th, 2018. It is expected to be the successor to OpenGL and OpenGL ES, which it shares some similarities with such as its cross-platform capabilities, programmed pipeline stages, or nomenclature. And as mentioned above, VulkanRT is a close competitor of DirectX. ^ Michaud, Scott (May 16, 2017). 5, DirectX 12, OpenCL, DirectCompute 5. To learn more, visit the FAQ at the  3D graphics API: DirectX 9-12 (last 14+ years), Vulkan/OpenGL(ES)/WebGL. Is the DirectX 11 driver that good, or is the DirectX 12 engine that bad for a given game/GPU? Or perhaps the other way around? Was OpenGL that bad, and is the Vulkan engine that good for a given game/GPU? Okay, but what about performance? The main advantage of this new programming model in DirectX 12/Vulkan is also a potential disadvantage. I have a question , Do you have a plan for add VulkanAPI & DirectX 13 & Metal to Amazon Lumberyard? “DirectX 12 and Vulkan are conceptually very similar and both clearly inherited a lot from AMD's Mantle API efforts. And the tool comes with the display card manufacturers that are installed on your system. Buy PNY QUADRO RTX 5000 Graphic Card - 16 GB GDDR6 - Dual Slot Space Required - 4096 bit Bus Width - Fan Cooler - OpenACC, OpenGL 4. 1 interfaces. id Software Dev Puzzled By Devs Choosing DX12 Over Vulkan, Claims Xbox One DX12 Is Different Than PC Microsoft’s DirectX 12 appears to be the next generation PC gaming graphical API of Vulkan enables developers to target many different platforms, including Windows and Linux, allowing for broader distribution of 3D-accelerated applications. Requiring less work to port from the previous OpenGL API standard, the Khronos Group's Vulkan could finally give Microsoft's DirectX a run for its money. When it comes to development for consoles, developers have single hardware for a particular brand (PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, etc): single processor, single graphics card, a particular or same memory, same control input Vulkan = Windows 7,8, 10 support + Linux support + macOS support + Android support + iOS support. 1 out today, with multi-GPU support, better DirectX compatibility". This concept has existed for quite a while. It is very useful. As mentioned before, the Vulkan API has a rather verbose API with many parameters to give you maximum control over the graphics hardware. Vulkan is a new graphics API and Unreal Engine 4 supports it! In this small tutorial I will show you how to use Vulkan in UE4. Both of these two technologies are new, Vulkan has just reached version 1. 0 GPU driver or higher. Microsoft pitched it in the same way, promising a more efficient graphics system than DirectX 11, and one that provided direct access to low-level graphics hardware features. Vulkan is the next generation graphics API released by the Khronos group. Collaborate with OpenGL and Vulkan programmers. Forcing Vulkan and only Vulkan is not a "winning" move. Vulkan targets "Vulkan 1. New graphics APIs (Vulkan™, DirectX 12) require more explicit memory management. Retrieved March 7, 2018. Vulkan is a low-overhead, cross-platform 3D graphics and computing API. These two features together allow for rapid prototyping by developers to gauge the impact of replacing OpenGL with Vulkan in sections of existing code, and enable developers to ship applications using Vulkan even when going all-Vulkan is not feasible. With a simpler, thinner driver, and efficient CPU multi-threading capabilities, Vulkan has less latency and overhead than OpenGL or Direct3D, and can help your system reach new levels of performance. However, few of us are familiar with its utilities and how it affects video games. Mar 20, 2017 In a move that isn't hugely surprising given the developer's announced support for Linux and Windows 7, a Star Citizen developer has  Apr 29, 2016 Vulkan vs DirectX. The list of its authors can be seen in its historical and/or the page Edithistory:List of games with Vulkan support. World War Z – Best Graphics Or Video Settings – Vulkan vs DirectX 11 Best graphics or video settings for World War Z. I checked my Windows programs and it appears to be installed on all of my Windows 10 versions (Go to Programs and Settings and look for Vulkan Runtime Libraries). The advantages of Vulkan over the previous generation APIs: The net result is that using the Vulkan API, the GTX 1060 can sustain 26. com. Jan 11, 2017 The API is very similar to DirectX or OpenGL (it's mostly based on DirectX 11 specifically). The 3DMark API Overhead benchmark has proved that at a higher level neither DirectX 12 or Vulkan holds a consistent lead when it comes to API overhead. Just think of it as DirectX type of software to let you maximize the benefit of GPU installation. So let's get started! Setup. We're all solving the same problem in a similar kind of way. For the current status of the project,  Aug 10, 2016 And the 'new thing' about DirectX 12, Vulkan (and Metal and Mantle) is that the interface follows a new paradigm, a new programming model. but when it works the fps are nice. As I understand it in Metal, each texture and buffer are considered separate memory objects. I'm planning on porting my own game from OpenGL to Vulkan after bindings for it are available in Java. Mantle, DirectX 12, and Apple’s Metal API all focus on offering many of the same performance benefits For a while, we will then offer three backends to choose from: OpenGL ES 2. Vulkan 1. But what should also be kept in mind is that Vulkan vs. Vulkan supports Windows, Linux, and OSX When I am using directX-11 to launch game, everygame has only 10-20 fps, but when I use vulkan to launch dota2 i have 100 fps, so whats the problem with my pc. The general concept and feature set of Vulkan is similar to Directx 12, Metal and Mantle. https://devblogs Is the DirectX 11 driver that good, or is the DirectX 12 engine that bad for a given game/GPU? Or perhaps the other way around? Was OpenGL that bad, and is the Vulkan engine that good for a given game/GPU? Okay, but what about performance? The main advantage of this new programming model in DirectX 12/Vulkan is also a potential disadvantage. 1, which will never receive Microsoft’s DirectX 12. At 1080p, Ultra, we observed a performance disparity Would be nice if Vulkan became popular because games would be available on more operating systems and it'd still be low-level like DX12. x and DirectX 11 have greatly improved functionality over the years since the earliest versions. Hopefully, MachineGames will patch the game to give players the choice. One of the most  Mar 20, 2017 A year ago CIG stated that it intended to work on implementing DirectX 12 support in Star Citizen; however it has now decided to opt for Vulkan  Mar 24, 2016 Wrong fantasy franchise, perhaps, but that's the idea behind Vulkan, the Vulkan is an open source alternative to Microsoft DirectX on the PC Sep 15, 2016 One of the more popular game engines, Crytek's CryEngine, will be receiving some handy updates over the next few months that increase  Sep 4, 2017 Glslang provides a method to translate HLSL shaders to SPIR-V, which is now available and ready to use. This affects the Vulkan Specification, the Vulkan header files, and the corresponding XML Registry. " And good news for basically everyone: You probably Inertia is on DX12's side. However, the new portable API likely wouldn't vulkan is buggy, sometimes you´ll get a CTD after the heroes vs. Vulkan is a low-overhead API designed to bring code “closer to metal”, boosting performance and efficiency. Developers gain a deeper control of hardware, so that they can get the most out of the available performance to avoid existing bottlenecks as far as possible. You are encouraged to submit feedback to this Khronos repository. 1 out today with multi-GPU support, better DirectX compatibility Updated drivers that support the latest version should be out today. This page provides links to both general release drivers that support Vulkan and developer beta drivers that support upcoming Vulkan features. Knjižare Vulkan - Dobrodošli u Knjižaru Vulkan! Nastojimo da budemo što precizniji u opisu proizvoda, prikazu slika i samih cena, ali ne možemo garantovati da su sve informacije kompletne i bez grešaka. One of these is a game test that takes advantage of DirectX 12, but isn't as taxing on the hardware as "Time Spy. Hi I'm trying to copy swapchain image to shared directX 11 texture. When you install a graphics card, The Vulkan Runtime Library also gets installed in your computer without your permission, however, that’s not a virus, fortunately. NVIDIA’s 411. DirectX 12, Metal, and Vulkan. Oh, and there’s one more thing: Mantle eventually forced Microsoft and Khronos finally to do something about DirectX and OpenGL bloat and inefficiency. Jul 27, 2018 DirectX and Vulkan are two competing technologies on which PC games are based on. A few years ago, when low-overhead APIs like DirectX 12 and Vulkan hadn’t been released and even Mantle was in its infancy, there were a lot of overconfident predictions made about how these Vulkan API simply takes a good chunk of the Mantle pie and shares it with everyone, regardless of OS, hardware, race or religion. Historia, como funciona y rendimiento. Mar 25, 2017 At a high level, neither Vulkan nor DirectX 12 hold a consistent lead with regards to API overhead, which indicates that both AMD and NVIDIA  Mar 7, 2018 Updated drivers that support the latest version should be out today. I am curious: which one  Information on supported APIs for Intel® Graphics Drivers, including DirectX*, OpenGL*, Vulkan* and OpenCL* versions. versus. Until we see a DX12 or Vulkan game where Nvidia hardware shows across the board performance improvements, that's my conclusion. Since then I received some feedback from Valve with regards to Dota 2 on the Source 2 Engine testing along with a better demo to use for benchmarking and also using Any Vulkan descriptor layout can be mapped to Metal array of argument tables and via versa. Vulkan is coming to macOS and iOS, but no thanks to Apple a similar translation layer is being developed that will enable Vulkan applications to use a DirectX 12 back-end. Dec 18, 2018 Some Vulkan objects, like shader module, are pretty straight forward . The era of DirectX driving graphics forward and OpenGL coming along and adding the same features years later seems to have ended several years ago. This article "List of games with Vulkan support" is from Wikipedia. Release Driver Downloads Vulkan 1. ' - Jul 15, 2017 Moreso than with OpenGL, we're seeing a fierce competition erupt between Microsoft's DirectX 12 and Khronos Group's Vulkan graphics APIs. They provide lower-level access to graphics hardware,  Confirmed by the developers themselves, DBH will use Vulkan Vulkan API will be used in this PC release instead of Microsoft's DirectX 12. DirectX 12 is a massive overhaul of DX11, but still only supports Windows. Vulkan offers a less overhead and more direct control over the GPU and less CPU usage. Introduction 2. What is Vulkan Runtime Libraries? Vulkan RT libraries is a tool, which is used in 3D gaming. 0, Vulkan 1. I don't have Vulkan, but it is the only one I can pick, and You can read the vulkan. It’s not an easy answer (yet). ✅ 3D printing: G-code, Cura, clipper, milling, point cloud, CV:fragmentation. 1, Windows 10, Mac OS X and Linux. In fact, Vulkan is the actual Vulkan, a new graphics application programming interface, launched today. Vulkan is a continuation of Mantle 1. The key element we want to discuss is what it means to be 'low-level' and how  Nov 30, 2018 So, I have a general idea on what the differences are between DirectX and OpenGL, kinda. Vulkan Copying to directx 11 shared texture. Directx vs OpenGL vs Vulkan API Which is Better Overall?:- A gamer plays a game well, but game development appears a tricky thing to them because of so many things in it. Ars Terchnica. Inertia is on DX12's side. Alternatively, Vulkan is to OpenGL as DirectX 12 is to DirectX 11. Vulkan RunTime Libraries- What makes it worth Keeping? So now we know that the Vulkan RunTime Libraries is not a virus rather it is a tool used for gaming which enhances the 3D performance. VK9 (Formerly SchaeferGL) - Inactive. vulkan to directx

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